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Business Showcase
02 September,2017

Business Showcase: Introducing Lindsay Robertson Photography

In my first post of this series, I thought I would introduce myself, who I am and how I got here!  But I’m more about sharing my images and writing about photography, not an all about me post!  I’m hoping I can make my story sound glamorous and sexy, but I may have to settle for the real deal of country meets creative! 

So, who is the girl behind the camera?

Well, I’m a country girl at heart with a good dose of humour and a can-do attitude which I got from spending far too much time with the Young Farmers and with others working on the family farm.

I am based in the North East of Scotland, in the Whisky Region of Speyside, so I am blessed to be surrounded by some of the most amazing locations.  From the Cairngorm Mountains, Lochs and Glens to the fabulous Moray coastline.

I was a real tomboy growing up, never happier than when I was on the farm among the animals or on the tractor; wellies were my footwear of choice!  I have been around horses since a very early age and spent most of my teenage years competing in the local show and pony club circuit, so I know only to well the precious bond shared with that pony of a lifetime.

And now, away from the farming world, I still head out into the countryside at every given opportunity with my black lab Poppy.  It is where I feel at home and it never fails to bring a smile to my face and is where I get my inspiration on a daily basis.

How did you come to be a photographer?

I actually wanted to be a race-jockey when I was young, yes seriously, I did! However the career advisors convinced me to go into primary teacher training…the moment I realised primary teaching wasn’t for me was when I found myself lying on a piece of paper waiting to be drawn round, it felt more like a crime scene than teacher training!    I quickly leapt into the sanity of Business Management at RGU.

Luckily, I fell in love with marketing for tourism, and the creativity that it brought.  And after graduation, I found myself in a variety of 9 – 5 jobs, all related to tourism in Scotland.  It was my work with VisitScotland though that really ignited my passion for Scotland as it brought me to so many amazing places, and allowed me to meet people who also loved what this country has to offer. It was at this point I was inspired enough to invest in my first SLR.

But it was really my experience in Africa – St Lucia – completing a Volunteer Photography Project, capturing the animals on safari drives, as well as the natural flora and fauna to produce teaching materials for the local schools that brought the idea home that photography was more of a calling.  It was hard work with long hours, getting up to catch the sunrise every day and I didn’t notice it at all.  I absolutely loved it, and believe me sunrise is early in Africa!

This was to be a life-changing experience for me; in 2014 I embarked on a photography training course and in January 2015 I officially launched Lindsay Robertson Photography.  Only two months later I waved goodbye to the corporate world, handing in my notice and being one step closer to my dream.

The business specialises in Rural Lifestyle Photography, a mirror of my own passions and lifestyle, working with dogs, horses and rural families is now a part of everyday life.  A life that I love.

Where can we see some more of your work?






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