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With so many small equestrian and countryside businesses that are out there, Haynet is showcasing these companies and the hard working people behind them. The equestrian and countryside industry is tough and competition is high. However, it is a thriving industry with many small businesses opening every month.

Haynet is giving a small rural business one week on Haynet to showcase their company and what service they provide. You will find out about the person behind the brand, what service or products they have to offer even giving Haynet some generous discounts with them! We will also find out what their hopes are for the future within equestrian and countryside business, championing their enthusiasm for the products or services they provide.

So please come and follow this series on Haynet and show support for these unsung businesses that are making their way in the equestrian and countryside industry. You never know if this is something you are thinking about delving into, it may give you the inspiration you need to start your very own equestrian or countryside business!

We are currently booked up with clients until the end of 2017. Should you wish to be involved with the Business Showcase in 2018, then please message for more details.

About Haynet

Haynet is a leading equestrian and countryside blogging directory, telling your stories from the stables to the fields. If you love living in the countryside, riding your horse, farming the fields or walking your dogs through the woods – then you will feel right at home here!

Haynet is also the host of the Country Style and Equestrian Blogger of the Year Award celebrating top class bloggers within the industry. We also promote the hashtag #HorseBloggers with a dedicated Twitter channel to share equestrian related content, engaging with the rural blogging community.

So grab a cuppa, kick off your wellies and enjoy reading from the countryside!


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