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12 October,2017

Little Alf’s memoir is launched & is a Best seller on Amazon

Last week on the 5th October I officially launched Little Alf’s memoir and it was AMAZING, I launched the new book at Hoys- Horse of the year show and it was fantastic to meet so many people. On the 5th I had a talk in the ‘Live’ zone in front of quite a large crowd which I felt quite nervous about, I’ve done lots of talks before about my business and books but this time it felt different somehow I think it’s because Little Alf’s memoir is the ‘True’ story so it’s very much based on mine and Alfie’s life I was quite nervous about what people would think.. But once I started talking about Alfie I just couldn’t stop and the talk flew bye! I then spent the rest of the day meeting Alfie’s fans and book signing which was incredible in fact we even sold out of books which was a great feeling…

Last week seemed to pass with a bit of a blur and on Wednesday 4th October I found out the day before publication that Little Alf’s memoir was a ‘Best seller’ on Amazon, I quite literally had to pinch myself. I woke up on the 4th early and switched my phone on to see someone had tweeted me an image of my new book but next to the book was a little orange glow (the glow of joy) and when I zoomed in I read ‘Best Seller’ I literally thought I was dreaming until I loaded my laptop up and saw it once again reading ‘Bestseller.’

I spent the rest of the 5 days book signing at Horse of the year show which was an incredible experience I have had such a good response from the public and lovely reviews coming in it all feel quite overwhelming.

On Monday morning it was nice to get back home to Alfie I miss him so much when I’m away it was great to go to his stable and give him a cuddle! He seemed to miss me too and hasn’t really left my side since.

I’m usually just around home with a beanie on, my wellingtons and an old fleece with Alf by my side so to get such an amazing response from the new book and people reading our story is just unbelievable and I couldn’t feel more blessed!

To find out more about the book you can head to Little Alf’s website and read all about it here –


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