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04 October,2017

Meet Martha, Young Equestrian Blogger

Forelock Books are to publish a new series of blogs by Martha Rogerson.

Martha is a member of Crawley & Horsham Hunt Pony Club, she is eleven years old and lives with her Mum, Dad and two older sisters.   

Martha has no ambition to become an internet sensation or to be sponsored by big brand names, but she’s a fantastic storyteller and loves to share her ‘real-life’ experiences and adventures.


Forelock Books’ believe in great stories, but there are so few young writers, with the experience and ability to talk to young readers and riders. We believe Martha has the talent to captivate a young audience and we have no doubt that she will keep them engaged week after week.


“I met Martha when I was selling books at a charity sponsored ride. Martha wasn’t riding, but there to help her Mum who was one of the organisers and her sisters, who were riding. In between running errands, Martha kept me company, telling me about all her recent adventures, she literally couldn’t stop talking and had me in stitches.” said Michelle Charman from Forelock Books.


Since then, I have bumped into Martha many times at various Pony Club events. Each time she tells me a new anecdote, the mishaps and triumphs of being a young equestrian, with the sole ambition to have FUN!


Martha’s blog ‘Meet Martha’ will be published on the Forelock Books website, starting from this week, October 4, 2017


For more information, please click HERE.



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