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03 February,2018

Overcoming The January Blues by Teri Warner

Recently I’ve been reading and following a lot of different posts, inspired by the lovely Victoria Brant I have decided that a good old fashioned honest post is what I am going write this time.
 January has been a tough and very long month, not only has the weather been testing but the farm owner has been away and we have been tending to the pigs on the farm.
 I won’t lie it has been tough and to top it off nicely I have been battling with my dark demons again. I am so very grateful to work with my Mum who listens and helps me get back on track when I have these wobbles. When I am having a tough time my mind often plays tricks on me, I question if I am good enough, I question my ability and this, in turn, affects my self confidence. This feeling can pass as quickly as it arrives and when it has gone it’s the best feeling in the world…
I feel so lucky to do what I do, but it really is hard work, especially in the winter. Juggling a home life and a 7 year old son with working what is often 7 days a week is no easy task… However, I’m not the only crazy mother trying to balance everything, us human beings are pretty amazing when we put our minds to things.
Despite my slightly tricky start to the year, I have been working hard to eat better and cut back on my pink vino intake… it really is helping, I have more energy and I’m shifting the cheeky pounds that had crept on!!
It’s not all doom and gloom, I’m proud to say I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit this month by taking part in the vlogging challenge, I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it and promise to try and keep it up!!!  So it’s onwards and upwards as I head into February… this month I am going to keep challenging myself and I can’t wait!!!
by Teri Warner from TW Equestrian


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