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24 September,2017

Planet Fran by Josie King

With a head full of get-rich dreams and a business idea but no funding, Fran McBride embarks on a life-changing challenge. Immersed reluctantly into an equestrian life, Fran has to grasp the basics of not only how to care for a horse, but how to ride and jump. In fact, her very future depends on it!  For a capable adult, just how difficult can that be?  Maybe not so. For Fran? Very bloody difficult. Will she make it? Will she get her desperately sought after investment?

“What more could a tech savvy girl want than a man wanting to back her app designing ambitions – unfortunately, there is a catch.  Fledgling businesswoman and equestrian neophyte, Fran not only has to learn to ride, but also has to win an event.

King writes with a dry wit, casting her humorous eye over the equestrian world.  Readers can share her journey as she discovers such perplexing equestrian conundrums as why white horses are always called grey and begins to learn the mysterious art of horsemanship on the road to achieving the goal her patron has set for her.  Of course, the road to equestrian and business success is never easy as readers will discover.” – Jacqui Broderick


Pre-orders are now open!  Order your copy today.  Release date:  end of September 2017.  The first 1,000 paperback books will be signed & will come with a free £5 voucher, a pack of 5 free Christmas cards and a limited edition Planet Fran bookmark. To pre-order please visit:


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