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27 November,2017

Qualification for BD Winter Regionals 2018 by Alison Kenward

The last 7 days have been a whirlwind. I fell off Neptune,  aggravated a lower back strain and lost a little bit of confidence. On the other hand I got back on straight away. I felt like my stomach muscles had had the hardest ever workout and had big doubts about whether the rest of our week would go as I’d planned. I started the week needing 8 more points to qualify for the Elementary Regionals and another qualifying score for the Freestyle Regionals. It was Tuesday before I felt like it might be possible to compete.

By Thursday I found myself at Addington in stormy weather wondering if it was such a good idea. However I kept repeating to myself “Stay Calm” and somehow it worked and I started to enjoy warming up. My first test was a little uneven with a spook which turned into a flying change off the corner before the canter trot canter and I had very little say in that movement as I tried to rebalance. My second test was fun and I started to believe that Neptune and I were making progress. There were several highlights in the test that recreated the work we have at home. The scoreboard rewarded us with a PB for E59 and 65.78% and a 2nd place. Most importantly we had 3 qualifying points.

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