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05 October,2017

Reflecting on the meaning of marks and the quest for good results

by Alison Kenward

I’m enjoying Autumn especially the colours of the trees and the contrasting skies. September has gone too soon and a year which seems to have passed in a deliberate, scheduled fashion now seems to have gathered pace. Our Blenheim display was a success and we have great memories and treasured photographs to remind ourselves that it came together as planned.


Neptune has settled into the routine at Foxhill and offered me some encouraging work to put a smile on my face including a play with flying changes in the super sized arena. Ten days ago, Neptune had an unexpected and unprecedented adventure hopping a hedge between his field. It’s one of those anxious times when thankfully injuries were minor, all things considered, but the healing time and recovery is like a watched kettle. It’s a reminder that healing takes time. Neptune might have cuts and bruises but he is thankfully sound and happy to play in the field and rediscover grass. I have never seen him so determined in his grazing.


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