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26 March,2018

Why Should You Consider Using A Coach For Your Rural Or Equestrian Business?

In our latest podcast, Rhea Freeman discusses why you should consider using a coach for your rural or equestrian business. […]

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Hay Bale
22 March,2018

Saying Goodbye To The Horse Behind Haynet – The Lovely Zeb

It’s been a very difficult week, so apologies for not my normal Haynet newsletter. I have lost my lovely Zeb this […]

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Hay Bale
03 March,2018

On The Bit

Quote ‘on the bit’ is not solely about the horse’s head position ‘On the bit’ is a term that is heard […]

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Hay Bale
17 February,2018

#5Photos1Day HorseBloggers Challenge

Setting up challenges in the #HorseBloggers Meet Up group on Facebook has really happened by accident! Last month within the […]

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Hay Bale
25 January,2018

Five Things You Need To Get You Through Winter With Horses

1 Sense of Humour This is the only thing that will get you through winter when owning horses. If you […]

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Hay Bale
22 January,2018

The Fantastic Fjord Horse

The Fjord horse is an ancient breed with a distinct appearance. Originating from Norway, this horse differs from other breeds […]

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18 January,2018

Steam for success

Forage makes up the largest proportion of fibre in the horse’s diet and is an essential part of their nutrition. […]

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08 January,2018

How To Handle Competition Nerves

We’ve all been there – you’ve worked hard towards a particular event or competition, put the hours of practice in, […]

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Hay Bale
06 January,2018

How To Deal With Colic In Horses

Being in the depths of winter means our horses are likely to be spending more time stabled than roaming around […]

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Hay Bale
02 January,2018

My Favourite Equestrian TV Series: Flambards

Throughout the month of August, I posted through the #HorseBloggers channel, a top tip every day in keeping topics flowing when it […]

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Hay Bale
01 January,2018

5 Reasons To Buy Or Loan A Horse This Year

New Year, new horse? Is this something you have been thinking about or yearning to achieve your dream? Horse ownership […]

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