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08 May,2018

We Don’t Want To Lose You!

(Sorry it’s all about the boring GDPR thing… but stick with it and read on)

Here at Haynet, we enjoy sending you each week all the equestrian and rural blogging news via our emailed newsletter. It is now required by law (under the new General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR”, that comes into effect 25th May 2018) that you give us direct consent to continue sending you our emails. So if you still want to read Haynet’s weekly news then please click HERE. You will need to confirm via an email link that we will send you after as well – (sorry I know its SOOO boring!)

Should you not sign up again, then we will not send you anymore emails from the 25th May 2018. If you decide not to continue reading Haynets weekly news, then we just want to say huge thanks for being with us over the last seven years.

However, if you would like to continue hearing from Haynet, then it is important for you to sign up as soon as you can. Big thanks and Haynet looks forward to sending you all the latest horse talk, countryside chat, blogging news, competitions and any #HorseBloggers event details in the future!




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